Welcome to, brought to you by The Social Stock Market Ltd. Our Cheermap shows you people’s sentiment towards Christmas on Twitter across the globe. What town and what tweeter has the most Christmas Cheer? Compare your town to anywhere else in the world.

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    TheSocial Stock Market

    The amount of information and data available on the web and social media continues to grow exponentially. This information all has use and value, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for people and companies to consume, interpret and make decisions using the data because of its increasing size.

    We at The Social Stock Market intend to help people and companies consume, interpret and analyse data to help them make informed decisions. We are building an infrastructure that will crawl and index specific sites on the web and social media and then categorise, summarise and add a numerical value to subjective information. The numerical value can then be used to compare products and services, and their components, so that consumers and companies can quickly analyse and understand the information available without the need for reading it all themselves.

    Our technology will be able to be applied to any text information that is available on the web on new, review or social media sites.


    Cheermap is connected to Twitter and listens for any mentions of Christmas (or synonyms of Christmas) and runs them through a sematic engine to understand the Tweeters sentiment towards Christmas. The tweet is given a score between -1 and +1, -1 being most negative and +1 being most positive. We do this for thousands of tweets every day. We also have the geo location and Twitter account of each tweeter so can compare the sentiment at any given time for any location, user or group.

    Cheermap is a demonstration of how at The Social Stock Market we can track and compare anything in both main stream and social media and display it in new and innovative ways. We have developed an architecture that can listen to anything on the web, analyse using NLP (natural language processing) and then display in a way users find easy to digest. Please follow us on twitter @thesocialstock and sign up to our member area for future product releases and additional ways of interacting with data on the web.